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Looking for an IT company with a difference?
The difference is simply; we assign a technician to your business, this way there is 'ownership' of your network and computer systems, thus giving you an emphasis on improvement, cost reduction, stability, reduced down-time, etc. You care about your business and we want to too!!
All of our staff have been internal System / Network Administrators in the past and therefore understand the importance of you computer network from your company's point of view. This allows us to be like another one of the staff with the vision of improving the business where we can.

Sick of the down-time due to computer related issues?
The most frustrating thing is when you are trying to get a very urgent important document, that is due by 5:00 PM and you have a computer issue? How often does this occur? Salesman trying to get out a quote that he has worked on all day and what! It's gone. Well we can solve this for you through several ways, training of staff, upgrading of services, stability of network, etc.

Want to get more out of your employees?
We can provide training of staff in different aspects of computer use? Conduct surveys and staff assessments. It is a firm belief of ours that 80-90 % of computer related issues are caused by internal users

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Want to improve business systems?
With our free consultation we can provide a report on your current structure and from this recommendations can be formed.

Need your business information backed up correctly?
You may believe that you are backing up your data, but are you doing it correctly? Are you backing up everything that should be backed up?

Need to reduce costs on telecommunications?
The last client we assisted saved approx. $100K per annum on their telecommunication costs. This can be achieved through consultation and perusal of your current costs in this area.

Let us help You...
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Contact us now to find out more!
Contact us now to find out more!
Areas Covered
We provide a range of IT Support, Network Services and IT Consulting in Brisbane, Spring Hill, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills, Newstead, East Brisbane, South Brisbane, Richlands, Murarrie, West End, Acacia, Ridge, Woolloongabba, Milton, Albion and New Farm.
Local experts who can visit on-site: Brisbane IT Support, Milton Backup and Data Recovery, Acacia Ridge IT Consulting, Bowen Hills Virtualisation, Newstead Email and Spam Protection, and Brisbane Network Services.